Code of Conduct

a.    Independent consultants shall not SPAM users on behalf of My Planet Rewards.  Legacy members who want to send MyPlanetRewards.com information to non-friends/family must use a qualified safe email list.

b.    No Independent consultants shall engage in any deceptive, false, unethical or unlawful consumer or recruiting practice. Legacy Members shall ensure that no statements, promises or testimonials are made that are likely to mislead consumers.

c.    Information provided by MyPlanetRewards.com to its members concerning the opportunity and related rights and obligations shall be accurate and complete. Independent consultants shall not present any selling opportunity to any prospect in a false, deceptive or misleading manner.

d.    Independent consultants shall not induce a person to purchase products or services based upon the representation that a consumer can recover all or part of the purchase price by referring other consumers.

e.    Independent consultants shall respect any lack of commercial experience of consumers. Consultants shall not abuse the trust of individual consumers, or exploit a consumer’s age, illness, handicap, lack of understanding or unfamiliarity with a language.

f.    The offer of products or services for sale by the Company and consultants shall be accurate and truthful as to price, quality, value, service, quantity, currency of model and availability.

g.    Consultants shall not make misleading comparisons of another company’s direct selling opportunity, products or services. Any comparison must be based on facts that can be objectively and adequately substantiated by competent and reliable evidence.

h.    Promotional literature, advertisements and mailings shall not contain product descriptions, claims, photos or illustrations that are false, deceptive or misleading.