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  • Select card design below and purchase card package.
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  • When your guests book with us, you as a premium member of MyPlanetRewards.com, will earn 100 credits for every $1 they saved from their travel purchase. 
  • Use your reward credits toward travel purchases or redeem them for cash!

What's in it for you?

With your premium travel membership to MyPlanetRewards.com, you not only earn reward credits on every purchase you make, you also earn massive amounts of credits when you refer friends, family and guests to book with us. Using travel cards is an ideal way to put travel savings in the hands of people and get the attention you need to drive guest enrollment. 

How much can you earn?

Each time one of your referred guests make a travel purchase with us and completes their reservation, you earn 100 reward credits for every $1 they saved. And with the average guest savings being about $105, you will earn tons of reward credits fast!

How do I use my reward credits?

With your premium membership, you can use your reward credits at MyPlanetRewards.com by using them as payment on your travel purchase OR redeem them for cash! 

Only with MyPlanetRewards.com, you can convert your reward credits into cash. 

100 credits = $0.50 in cash. 


About us.

Unlike popular travel sites who mark up their rates to earn high commissions and pay for advertising, which in the end you pay for, My Planet Rewards charges a small upfront annual fee and passes 100% of its commissions to its premium members in the form of savings.  

At MyPlanetRewards.com, we also provide a way for premium members to earn massive amounts of reward credits when friends and family book with us. 

Over the past decade, Focus Right Marketing has forged powerful global travel partnerships with the largest suppliers in the world. With lightening speed technology, FRM offers over 1 million travel deals and provides 160,000 members access to wholesale rates on hotels, resorts, car rentals, cruises, activities and so much more.  


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Boomerang travel card package include:

  • 4-color front/black & white back
  • 14 pt. card stock w/ perforation
  • Gloss finish - front and back
  • 3.5" width x 5.25" height
  • Description of benefits on (back of card)
  • Instructions on how guests can activate free Boomerang membership (back of card)
  • FREE splash and guest registriation web page
  • FREE ground shipping 

If you need more than 1,000 travel cards, please contact us at info@myplanetrewards.com

TO ORDER, SELECT A DESIGN BELOW. 1,000 cards printed for just $299!